Each engraving was carried out by hand without the use of a pneumatic chisel or pantograph.            Each engraving is a unique piece.

New engraving for 2023

Carabine express 8x75R.Dicksons

Animal engraving, technique: bulino

Engraving on Holland & Holland & gold inlay

hollow-bottom & chisseling & gold inlay

Ornament on an English scroll

Intaglio engraving


Master Engraver on metal support, I went to Boulle School (Paris) and Leon Mignon Centre (Belgium), I have 15 years experience working with top gunsmiths and high jewelers trusting me to realise exceptional, unique and original work.Each project is based on a discussion with the owner of the weapon in order to define their tastes. I create a unique project that will evolve with the customer.


Customers are:

-         Gunsmiths, Hunters, Collectors,  Jewellers, cutler, Individuals.

 For professionals or individuals, I personalize my art on:

-         Hunting rifles, Collectable items, Family objects, Musical instruments,

-         Jewelery (lockets, rings, watches, cutlery, lighters or metal boxes)

 Hand engraving (no machines), the techniques used are:

-         Deep engravingGold inlay,  Line engraving Chasing Bulino (for animals or hunting scenes),  scrimshaw

The styles used are:

-         Classical (English and Royal), Italian ( Grotesque medevial features engraving).

 -        My personal style: pioneer in France I have an innovative, complex, modern and balanced style.


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