Everything is a question of chance


 The best way to leave everything to chance is in passing an entrance examination at a prestigious school of art such as the “Boulle school”  and in choosing a speciality that lead me to copper-plate engraving.  The work on copper or brass using burin enables the creation of high quality, professional prints. This scholl has helped me to study volume,  drawing and has enriched my methods of research and creation.

From information to education, chance led me to the Leon Mignon school (Belgium), at the section engraving on arms. I worked there the steel with a hammer-graver, but also the inlay, the chasing, the bottom-hollow and the animalist scenes. Those educations combine creation and realisation.

 From choices or chance make that today, my work reconciles engraving on arms, prints and animalist drawing.

 My passion is born from chance.


Have a good visit.

Elisabeth da Justa


Last update: january 3, 2020